Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Importance of Creative Friends....

     I've done a fair amount of artisan shows this year with still 4 more to go in the upcoming months! I have to say- they are a lot of work!  I spend time not only creating, but planning, organizing, making signs, changing displays, writing to-do lists, packing, unpacking and checking everything over and over again. And thats the easy part! The hardest is dragging all my creative goods out of the house, into the my SUV, and then into wherever it is I am setting up shop. However, as exhausting as it may be, it is all so worth it. And I am not talking about making a few extra bucks ( that is of course the idea and icing on the cake) BUT- as I have become a bit more of an expert at this, I am also learning to enjoy the process and appreciate the truly amazing and uplifting positives of this experience. And that, my dear blog readers, is  the gift of meeting incredibly creative people- many of whom have become good friends. The scope of their talents amaze me. I am an not only speaking of fellow vendors, I am also including shoppers and browsers. Some folks just come not just to shop, but also to spend time appreciating beautiful artisan work.
       For example, my last show was in Metuchen NJ at the YMCA, which I shared with two great photographer/artist friends- Diane and Susan. (They are also sisters!)  A woman approached me to chat and see my work. We talked, and talked and talked. And bonded.  Yes, a fellow artist -Mickey -and an amazing woman. Her energy was through the roof. We were on the same page and felt like we knew each other for years! She was well traveled, educated and a joy to speak to.  Sharing our love of art, writing, and travel was the highlight of my day. She invited me to come and see her studio and I cannot wait to go visit and see her work. She is also an art teacher and from a family of artists. When you meet someone that you share common interests with, inspirations and ideas flow with ease. It's a gift. A gift that would not have happened had I decided not to lug my creations across town to support my craft.
So, I suppose there are no accidents.  And to be blessed with not only a crazy obsession to create art, but to also find friends who share your vision and your passion is the importance of creative friends.
I am lucky to a a few in my life and hope to continue finding more along the way.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's that time of year again... shopping!
Part of us loves it and part of us hates it..we all have too much to do and stress awaits at every turn. But there is a way to make it more enjoyable. Instead of shopping at a crowded, stuffy mall with all the same exact items that are in every different and enjoy the moment and the process!  Buy your cool, unique gifts at an artisan fair! They are everywhere now! There are Octoberfest's and Christmas Bazaar's all about your neighborhood. These events not only sell outstanding, unique handcrafted items that you can't find anywhere else bit you also enjoy the experience of chatting with the locals who actually make them with their own hands! They are not folks who "make crafty things"- they are artists who have creative vision, incredible talent, and live their lives according to their own inner wisdom. In other words, they walk  path of their choice.  To me, it's a gift to be able to define that and go with it. For an artist, its not always an easy path or done only for only monetary rewards. But the rewards are there none the less for all involved. So why not walk a new path this year?  Support creative minds, learn along the way and enjoy your holiday in a different way. Make it about something. Make it happen. Make it real.