Monday, May 20, 2013

Art Show Update!

Two Art shows in two weeks!  Fun and Success!

It's been a busy May....

My first art show at the Westerhoff School of Art and Music in Metuchen  was shared with my artist friends from Mickey Warings ongoing art class. We meet every thursday and are always learning something new and fun.  We shared stories, snacks, and great music from a  local guitarist who was amazing, and of course,  a love of art.  A great day that ended with a treat- An outstanding  piano concert by Dr. Hollly Roadfeldt. Very special!
Thanks Mickey for being a great teacher, friend and a huge inspiration.

And to top it off, I had another special night---- my second exhibit was at the Barron Art Center in Woodbridge, where I entered  three of my favorite collages.  A nice surprise was  a third place award from Mayor McCormac for "Tea Time"!  A great evening with many talented artists and friends...
Looking forward to more art and inspiration- it's everywhere if you want it....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Artisan shows coming up in May!

It's that time of year again!

Last year I was part of the Westerhoff School or Music and Arts art exhibit. It was a great space and a great time meeting friends, old and new.We sipped refreshments, snacked on homemade biscotti and listened to wonderful guitar by a local musician.
 Everyone enjoyed the local children's music performance and, of course, the walls were adorned with beautiful art!
Something wonderful happens when all these ingredients are met. It's about filling your soul, expressing your vision and enjoying the people who share your passions. Not to mention, it's fun!

So...time to do it again  Sunday May 5th 2013 from 1-3pm.
 Hoping all interested will mark their calendars and join us for an artistic afternoon at the Westerhoff School in Metuchen, NJ

And there's more!

For the first time I will also be exhibiting some of my collage work at the Barron Arts Center in Woodbridge NJ.  The exhibit is open to the public May 1- 9 2013  with an artist reception on Thursday May 9 from 5-7 pm.  Gallery hours are M-F 11-4 pm, Sat & Sun 2-4 pm.

 I am really looking forward to another exciting evening with friends. Hope you can stop by to say hello!

(ps...I'd love any comments here on my blog so I don't feel so lonely!)

Here is a sneak peak of one of my favorites "Blue Moon" and the poem I wrote that inspired the collage.


So, I painted my moon blue.

It wasn’t the color of the stars that night, 
or the taste of a juicy orange in my mouth that made me do it.

It wasn’t the music of John Lee Hooker or the bird 
that flew past my nose while my brush was in hand.

It wasn’t the voice in my head that noticed something was not quite right,
or even the stroke of the cat who jumped on my lap.

It wasn’t that fact that I didn’t remember algebra from 7th grade.
Nor the memory of the scream of my firstborn as he decided to enter the world.

It certainly wasn’t my red lips as I sucked a cherry popsicle.

It could have been my breath as I inhaled the  sweet scent of lilac.
But I don’t think it was.

Maybe an invader from Mars had something to do with it.
But I doubt it.

I know the moon had its own ideas that night, 
 but I didn’t steal from her.
I just wanted a blue moon.

And now I have one.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The love of travel

Once a year, it's a girlfriend getaway for my friend Dolores and myself.  So this April 2013, (our tenth year of adventures) we choose Panama. Only a six hour flight but yet seemingly a world away.

  A beautiful countryside  with even more beautiful people. I never saw so many smiling faces in one place.  We saw the Panama Canal, the Old City of Panama City and also traveled by plane to the mountains of Boquete. We hiked, visited a coffee planation, jumped in a cool river to swim in the 85 degree heat, ate lots of good food and consumed probably too many adult beverages. But they were very refreshing!
 So this is just the short version here with a few photos.  I also took  many photos and keep a travel journal so I can recall all the good times upon my return.
Check out my travel blog (soon to be published) at

 with all the details of this trip, (including past adventures). If you ever decide to go, you will have the scoop on what to see and do on your next adventure!
The world is a big place and I have lots more ground to cover!
Until next time......

Friday, March 29, 2013

Practice makes perfect!

Well, at least that's what I hear! No matter, I am continuing on with my watercolor obsession and hope to make progress in the days ahead.  Just got a delivery from the UPS guy and now I have some new, very large 22 x 30 sheets of Fabriano Artistico rough watercolor paper,  a couple new paints and a great new Russian Blue Squirrel mop brush.  For most folks this is not too exciting, but for an artist, it's over the top to have the right tools for the job!

 Now I can't wait to get throw on the music and go into my art room and drift off into another zone.  Soon I will be taking an online art class with a very cool artist, Vinita Pappas.  I love her work and her style. I dream about be able to paint at her level and create lots of new work from all the  travel photos I have taken over the years.

This will make me a very happy camper!

Here a a couple of practice drawings of figures I did last week.  These I learned from another artist I admire, Lucy Willis. I have a long way to go, but I'm getting there!  Life is good when you follow your passions.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fabric Obsessed...etc...

Yes, it's true...

I have many obsessions.  I suppose it may be a sickness, but that's okay by me.  I am, for the most part,  painting watercolors on a daily basis now , but of course, I still have a thing for fabric.  No one has to drag me into a fabric store. There must must be some type of radar system that is directly hooked up to my brain.  The colors, the textures, the patterns! Someone take my credit card away please!

Of course, no one ever does, so I am piled up with shelves of wonderful fabrics that I will turn into all kinds of cool things. Hey...I say don't fight it, go for it. It means you are moving in the direction of your passion.  And isn't that what life should be really be about?  Of course! Otherwise it is boring and it becomes someone else's life.  I am happy living my own life. Thank you very much.

So...I must say I found the most gorgeous  fabric  the other day. Chinese letters - on a stunning red  background - is now a pillow cover. The pillow back in a white / black lettering of Confucius sayings...  (ahh...wisdom!)
 There is nothing better than filling up a couch or bed with tons of original, soft pillows!  Sink in and dream on!
(available soon at  along with many others!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Learning to "See"


It's been way too long since my last post!  A lot has happened and life is full of challenges to be sure.
Some good, some not so good. The good news is that the first half of 2012 was amazing- visiting many art museums and galleries - the bad news was the second half was challenging. Physically and mentally.

After six months of dealing with discomfort and pain due to a "pinched nerve" that I thought at times would be with me for life,  I found out that miracles happen. It amazes me still how the human body heals itself with the right ingredients. And I am so thankful and grateful to have my life back to be able to create, play, have fun and laugh again.

So, enough whining and onto the  more important things in life!  A passion for all things ART!

Partly due to the curse of being a Gemini,  I am always changing things up, running wild, and exploring various art forms. This is not a bad thing but it does, however, cause brain cells to run about, knock into each other and cause havoc. Sorta alike a runaway train without a conductor. But, I manage to put the brakes on when needed.

As of late, I am obsessed with not only collage ( a true passion that seriously overtakes the brain), but also I have returned to exploring and hopefully mastering the challenging but incredibly beautiful transparency of watercolor painting.

Truthfully, I do not think I ever really had it right. But due to continuing my weekly art classes, reading art books, and studying online, I think I have finally found my voice and my style!

A blank piece of watercolor paper is sometimes hard to face.  But, if you learn a few tricks, loosen up and let go it seems to get easier.  Although, I can copy just about anything, I have a harder time visualizing on my own and deconstructing a photograph or outdoor scene into a pleasing composition. So this is my goal and I will succeed! (never say you will try, say you will, for it is  desire that takes you there)

In the coming weeks,  months, (and forever!)  I will be practicing learning to "see". For it is this that truly makes one an artist. I have figured this out in taking a photograph. Composition through a lens comes easy to me. Now I have to translate that "eye" to my paintbrush.

I am excited about my new journey and I love a challenge. So here I come 2013- even thou I am a bit late in the game.

I'd love to hear  how you like my first try at "loosening up" the edges, blending color and having fun with watercolor again.  I think I may finally be on the right track, with or without a conductor.

Thanks- until next time~

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Book Lover Project

Sometimes ideas come from all sorts of places. Most times, I find them in my dreams. It's amazing I get any sleep at all!

So, recently I've been thinking about greeting cards.  Who doesn't love getting them?  Someone is thinking of you, sending you sweet thoughts and wishes. But what happens to those sweet words once they are read?  Most likely they are thrown in the trash. Horrors!  Personally, everything in Bluepie Design headquarters gets reused or recycled, of course!  The greeting cards I receive are either saved (from special people)  or cut up for collage projects.  So, I figured there must be a better way.

I have always been a fan of an object having multiple uses. I remember this from my son's architecture program- form follows function.  So, why can't a greeting card fall into this category?

And so, the Book Lovers project was found.  A greeting card that is not only a card, but also a unique work of art and a gift!  Certainly not to be discarded in the trash!

All of my bookmarks are unique  hand painted drawings or collages on both sides of heavy watercolor paper.
So far, I have made about 6 of them. I will be sending them to friends and relatives for birthdays, anniversaries, inspiration and special occasions. Perfect for book lovers! ( and cookbook lovers too!)

I am also planning on making up sets of 10 with assorted occasions to sell on my Etsy site soon.
(click picture for a larger view)

So, what do you think?
Till later----
Gotta go dream up some more ideas at Bluepiedesigns!

Here's a few for you to check out!