Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"mommy and me at the beach"

Who doesn't love flip flops and warm sun on your face? Carry your towels, books, snacks, and flip flops in this colorful sturdy backpack beach bag! It's my latest original design. This bag has it all- a scoop pocket outside to carry water or magazines - inside there are 4 vinyl pockets for sunscreen, cell phone etc. and a hook for your keys or wallet so they will not get lost!. It's a shoulder bag or a backpack! (the straps can also detach)Mommy's bag is extra large 22" x 12" x 5" and daughter's bag measures 16" x 12" x 4" .Since this was a special order, I also personalized it with a sunvisor and flip flop nametag. Buy a matching set or just one... $45 each- definately a bargain!~
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"rock star"

a bluepie gift for me! I found this gorgeous paisley fabric and had to have a hobo bag. It is roomy enough for all my stuff, zips closed and is lined in baby blue broadcloth. I made pockets for a cell, pens and a loop to secure a wallet. I'm in love and feel like a rock star (well, one from the sixties anyway) I have enough fabric left to make a couple more if anyone else wants to rock! 12" H x 18" W, 19" strap. $50 Available in "vanilla spice" and "just peachy" fabric too
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"paisley wristlet"

"Paisley Wristlet" ... A great little bag for stepping out. Goes great with jeans and a tee too. Lined in paisley with an inside pocket. Closes with magnetic snap. 10 1/2" W X 6" H . SOLD $30
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"vanilla spice"

"Vanilla Spice " ....a bluepie original design for summer...I have sold quite a few of these already. The fabric is heavenly. Very sturdy ( like a denim) and the lining is so sweet! The straps are long enough to put over your shoulder if you like. Inside pocket, loop for keys and magnetic snap complete your summer look. 13" w x 7" h x 4" d -drawstring makeup bag included...$40 SOLD...I may be able to whip up a few more!
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"cherry blossom hot stuff"

"Cherry Blossom Hot Stuff" Messenger Bag .....The same bag as Blue Moon only "hotter"!SOLD $50

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"just peachy"

"Just Peachy" small duffle ...I love this bag! It will be hard to part with. It zips closed and has a loop for keys. The fabric is soft to the touch & fully lined with gorgeous flowers. A bluepie favorite! 12" W x 6" H $40
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"chocolate chip"

Posted by Picasa "Chocolate Chip" Laptop Sleeve ...I got a new laptop so I needed a bigger sleeve. But then my bluepie freind saw it and it was a goner! The fabric is similar to denim in weight . It is padded with fiberfill. Closes with velcro. SOLD $30

"hit the beach baby"

Posted by Picasa "Hit the Beach, Baby" I made this custom order for a friends new baby. Everyone gets diaper bags so I thought a beach bag would be more useful. It has pockets all around for baby goods and includes a small drawstring bag for extras. Made with Laura Ashley fabric. Very sturdy with a strong drawstring cord. $40 SOLD

"hit the links"

"Hit the Links" Be stylish on the course ladies and gents! This drawstring golf motif shoe bag and tee bag make a fashion statement while you drive the green!...fully lined in moss green satin to protect your shoes.. (available in assorted fabrics.) $20 Posted by Picasa

"hey jude"

"Hey Jude" ....This bag has memories. I made it for myself, including the wallet and drawstring goody bag . Then I lost the wallet with all my stuff in it! (boo hoo...horrors and nightmares followed).. Alas, I could not bear to even look at it again, so I gave it away to a friend (who loves it) If you love it too, I can make more! (it's my job & passion)13" w x 7" h x 4" d $40 bag, $15 wallet. Other fabrics and colors available, of course... Posted by Picasa

"purple rain"

My own Hobo design...seems everyone is "hoboing" these days. I made this for myself to match a dress of the same embroiderd fabric for a wedding I will attend next week. It is lined in metallic purple with a ribbon closure. Since the strap is tied, it can be adusted in length. It is a one of a kind but more can be made!12" W x 8' H... sale $25
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"Tabitha" 10 x 11 x 3 - 28" strap. Gray striped twill. Fully lined in cotton batik with inside pocket and magnetic clasp to close. Includes satin lined drawstring bag for lipstick etc. $40 Posted by Picasa
Welcome to my BLUEPIE world!..If you are wondering what Bluepie means ,it is: Blending Lives Uniting Energy Passion Inspiration & Enthusiasum. It began when my nerd friend, Sue, and I ( we are both certified nerds) decided many years ago that we needed to name ourselves something so everyone would know who we were when we became famous. Well that was only part of it. It was really our way of supporting each other in our endless quest for creative adventure. Now that we are famous ( we are on the web for the world to see!) we wanted to share our creations with the rest of the world. It would be nice to make a few bucks to buy more art supplies too. So, this is my attempt to contribute and my first ever blog. I hope you enjoy my handcrafted goods. I love making things and right now I am obsessed with sewing handbags. All my bags are interfaced to keep them sturdy and protected with scotchguard to keep the dirt away. I also paint, write, photograph, etc etc. You name it, I have been there, done that. More to follow (I could go on forever). Did I mention I like to write?