Welcome to my BLUEPIE world!..If you are wondering what Bluepie means ,it is: Blending Lives Uniting Energy Passion Inspiration & Enthusiasum. It began when my nerd friend, Sue, and I ( we are both certified nerds) decided many years ago that we needed to name ourselves something so everyone would know who we were when we became famous. Well that was only part of it. It was really our way of supporting each other in our endless quest for creative adventure. Now that we are famous ( we are on the web for the world to see!) we wanted to share our creations with the rest of the world. It would be nice to make a few bucks to buy more art supplies too. So, this is my attempt to contribute and my first ever blog. I hope you enjoy my handcrafted goods. I love making things and right now I am obsessed with sewing handbags. All my bags are interfaced to keep them sturdy and protected with scotchguard to keep the dirt away. I also paint, write, photograph, etc etc. You name it, I have been there, done that. More to follow (I could go on forever). Did I mention I like to write?


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