Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The love of travel

Once a year, it's a girlfriend getaway for my friend Dolores and myself.  So this April 2013, (our tenth year of adventures) we choose Panama. Only a six hour flight but yet seemingly a world away.

  A beautiful countryside  with even more beautiful people. I never saw so many smiling faces in one place.  We saw the Panama Canal, the Old City of Panama City and also traveled by plane to the mountains of Boquete. We hiked, visited a coffee planation, jumped in a cool river to swim in the 85 degree heat, ate lots of good food and consumed probably too many adult beverages. But they were very refreshing!
 So this is just the short version here with a few photos.  I also took  many photos and keep a travel journal so I can recall all the good times upon my return.
Check out my travel blog (soon to be published) at

 with all the details of this trip, (including past adventures). If you ever decide to go, you will have the scoop on what to see and do on your next adventure!
The world is a big place and I have lots more ground to cover!
Until next time......

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