Learning to focus!

Hello All:

I finally figured it out! Since I have the Gemini curse, (that being doing too many things at once, causing constant confusion etc) I have come to realize that if I think long and hard, I can learn to focus on one thing at a time. It's not easy, but it's working. My interests are so varied and I have been unable to give up anything and focus on one task at a time. But, I realize now that I have to. Well, especially when it comes to Bluepie. I will be altering my Etsy website to be more uniformed. I have too many things on there now. So, I will be changing all that soon- may even end up with two Esty sites in the future. But what I am really excited about is that I have finally found my style!
I know what I like. Natural things, useful things. I have created the coolest money bracelets that I am producing at record pace. I have tons of fabric and so I will make tons of bracelets. I love color so that is where color will be seen. For fun.
I also love a classic, natural look and really good fabrics , like denim, canvas, wool and suede. They are great for bags since they hold up well and last!
I have been stocking up on all these great fabrics and will be making a complete new line of bags that combine all these components. I have new designs, and of course, more swimming about in my brain at all hours of the day and nite (it is hard to sleep sometimes). So, as far as the bags go, they are going to be mostly all solid fabrics with unusual (and awesome) quality linings. I recently made a new bag for myself, (finally) and it makes me happy everytime I look at it!
So, that's the plan..focus ,focus, focus...and keep sewing and dreaming, of course!
ps.And I want to blog more often too-- that helps me stay on track too...
bluepie Deb


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