Seventh grade wasn't so bad....

Obsessions are strange things. Me, for instance- I'm obsessed with making stuff. Always have been, always will be. It started probably when I was about 3 years old and for sure at 5 when I met my best friend Donna and we made potholders together and sold them to anyone who would give us a quarter. We tried to squeeze even more cash out of them if we could- almost begging our neighbors- um customers- to please try our so yummy lemonade while they admired that colorful potholder in their hands. We usually got our way too. We were pretty cute back. And they felt really sorry for us too as we tried to make a decent living at the tender age of 7. Well, we needed the money after all- we had more assorted loops to buy in every color of the rainbow and of course, sugar to buy to stock up our inventory. So, yes I was obsessed back then and a born entrepreneur for sure. It didn't stop with potholders and lemonade either. Donna and I eventually grew up and continued "making stuff" till our fingers hurt and almost blead. We hammered leather goods to make key chains- sold them. Sewed up and stamped muslin gift bags for bottles of wine- sold them too, to the liquor store down the street. (I think the neighbors were sick of us by then.) We made art and stuff out of anything we could find.
We really got good though (and much more professional) when seventh grade junior high came along. It was time for Home Economics! Yipeee! Sewing and cooking classes! I wasn't that crazy about the cooking classes though, after all I hardly had time to eat with all the creating and selling I was up too. So, I learned how to cut a pattern, sew a straight seam, make a buttonhole, thread a sewing machine and install a bobbin without jamming the thread. For me, it was fun. I was making stuff! Yes, looking back, seventh grade wasn't so bad. My friend Donna and my Home EC teacher, Mrs Condor made my world come alive. After all, boys still had cooties and I had a business to run and inventory control to deal with. I didn't have time for boys with cooties. Iwas obsessed. I had stuff to make.
Did I mention I like to write? Yea, obsessed with that too.


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