Defining Success....

I am happy to report that my very first Etsy show was a success! Of course, you must consider your defination of success. For the most part we tend to link it to money and/or climbing the corporate ladder. While we are climbing high or piling up the cash reserves we label our journey succesful. For myself, I feel into that trap to some extent as many of us may have. But there comes a time - (and wisdom has something to do with it) that you may choose to redefine what success personally means to you. Your life can be filled with bank statements and big egos or it can be satisfied with inner peace, passion and gratitude. At the risk of sounding like a sixties hippie, I am much happier with the latter. But, hey that's just me. And that's just me because I have lived a life and grew, hopefully learned a few lessons, and figured out what my heart needs and wants to keep going. My heart needs to create and my joy is a by-product of those creations. If it gives me a few more digits on my bank statement thats great, but if it doesn't, it will not define me or my life anymore.
So, back to the show- my success came from pushing past my comfort zone and going for it! Yes, I did it... It came from enjoying the look on people's faces as they commented on my cool bracelets. It came from meeting so many creative, alive, smiling Etsy sellers. And it came from knowing I am on the right path for this second half on my life. The one that leads to nowhere and everywhere with just my heart beating and a smile on my face. And, yes, I did make a few bucks too. In fact, more than I expected. But that was just the icing on the cake. Turns out, the icing doesn't really matter anymore.


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