My Angel "Georgie"

There are many things I could write about in this blog today since it's been too long since I've typed words to the page, however I'll save those things for another day. Today and for the past 3 weeks, my heart has ached and I am still in recovery mode. If you are an animal lover, you will understand, if not you can skip this post or read on and understand the connection. I won't go into extreme detail but the fact is that I've lost one of my best friends- my little caramel color cat, Georgie. You'd have to live in my house to understand the relationship my husband, my son and myself had with our cats. There were three of them- all strays that my son Greg brought home. "Littlecat" was found in the engine of a running car and "Georgie" and "Lenny" , the twins (named after Mice and Men) were taken as tiny kittens from the woods. Of course they became part of the family but it seemed we talked way too much about our "cats". It was almost abnormal. Okay is was abnormal. Hey, they are/were cool cats, what can I say. So now, even though after nine years they never talked back, Georgie is gone and so is part of me. We will all miss his little face, the way he rolled on the floor for a belly rub and as my son remembers- how he jumped, ran and bounced as if a 9- volt battery was atttached to his ass. So, as I wipe my tears I also want to do something in his honor. The day before he was put to sleep, I took a yoga class -Happy Tails-taught by a good friend, Carly. The proceeds were dedicated to the NJ ASPCA. Throughout the class, Carly read stories from the ASPSA about cats and dogs who had helped their owners escape death. It was a touching tribute and although hard for me to hear that day, it was also a perfect end for George and beginning for me. Because of that class, I of course had a Bluepie brainstorm. All items at Bluepie with animals on them (so far there are cats, frogs, cows and zebras), I will send 20% of the proceeds from sales to the NJ ASPCA in honor of my best friend Georgie.
I think that would make him happy. Lenny and Littlecat like the idea too.


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