Happy July 4th!

It's always hard to believe that it's July 4th. Time speeds by. Everyone is busy with weekend BQ's and millions of things to do. So even thou I HATE excuses and I LOVE to write, here I am. Late in writing in my blog, of course, because I have too much to do!..Okay, it is self imposed but that how we Gemini's are. Sorry, it's true. At least for me. Anyway, I actually love having too much to do. That's because (gemini again!) I get very bored, very fast with the same old same old. Which brings me to Bluepie obviously. Bluepie suits me perfectly. I can dream up NEW stuff to make whenever I feel the need. Which is usually at least once a week. So the latest are yoga mat carry bags and a brand new Matisse clutch bag!..In case you didn't know, all my bags are named after artists. Just for fun- cause I love artists! This week I will also be getting back to painting my silk scarves- it's been a while and I miss painting and love silk. Bluepie is also addicted to fabric finds and I've found quite a few really cool fabrics lately too. Yes, life is good. My family is healthy and I can still make stuff and explore my passions. Don't get much better than that. But, I do have to take a bit more time to write. It is my first love and I have neglected it. If someone can please tell me how to make 24 hours into 25, I would be ever so grateful. So until next time- be well, be happy and live your dreams. Happy July 4th to you all.


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