Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy July 4th!

It's always hard to believe that it's July 4th. Time speeds by. Everyone is busy with weekend BQ's and millions of things to do. So even thou I HATE excuses and I LOVE to write, here I am. Late in writing in my blog, of course, because I have too much to do!..Okay, it is self imposed but that how we Gemini's are. Sorry, it's true. At least for me. Anyway, I actually love having too much to do. That's because (gemini again!) I get very bored, very fast with the same old same old. Which brings me to Bluepie obviously. Bluepie suits me perfectly. I can dream up NEW stuff to make whenever I feel the need. Which is usually at least once a week. So the latest are yoga mat carry bags and a brand new Matisse clutch bag!..In case you didn't know, all my bags are named after artists. Just for fun- cause I love artists! This week I will also be getting back to painting my silk scarves- it's been a while and I miss painting and love silk. Bluepie is also addicted to fabric finds and I've found quite a few really cool fabrics lately too. Yes, life is good. My family is healthy and I can still make stuff and explore my passions. Don't get much better than that. But, I do have to take a bit more time to write. It is my first love and I have neglected it. If someone can please tell me how to make 24 hours into 25, I would be ever so grateful. So until next time- be well, be happy and live your dreams. Happy July 4th to you all.

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