Being Lazy?

Well, not really, but I had to slow down for the last few days due to a sore throat and now a head cold. So, given that I never seem to have time to blog- always sewing or photographing or whatever else my brain comes up with- I figured since I am just sitting here in bed with my laptop, I may as well so something! god forbid I sit idle for a few minutes. Artists with lists never do that. So, a recap of the last few months would be that I've done quite a few craft shows in the area. Some good, some not so good. Some long days- too long. But I have met really nice people- vendors and shoppers. The last one I was at led me to an event that will take place on Dec 6th at another vendors house in Warren NJ where will be donating a portion of our sales to a needy family for the holidays. I always wanted to do a home event and now it's even for a good cause too. If anyone wants to attend, just let me know and I'll pass on the address.
At another craft show, I got alot of positive feedback on my photo note cards that I sell at my Etsy shop. So, I have decided that next year, I will concentrate more on photography- offering larger sizes of all my prints too.
I am also going to get into handpainting more silk scarves. Right now I only have one left on my website so I will be adding more. Both of these mediums are really my first loves - photos and painting. I miss it so it's time to go back.
And the last bit of news for now is that I am buying a MAC! really soon too and I can't wait!
Next post I do i will tell you about my next new adventure so stay tuned!
(and hopfully this sore throat will be long gone- if not I will be doing alot of typing)


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