A few weeks ago, I got an email request from a wonderful woman who buys at Etsy, as stated below:

"I would love to get 2 black kids size wrist stash bands for my son. He is working with an Occupational Therapist who thinks something weighted around his wrist would give him better awareness of where his arms are in relation to his body. He loves to carry things around with him, so this seems like the perfect solution. He will be wearing them for karate and so black would be the logical color of choice. Please let me know if this would be possible.

After reading this I realized what a great idea it was.  Weight  can easily be added inside the cuff to use it for this benefit! It seems especially perfect for little kids. I was so glad I could help her and her son. It made me feel good.  Creativity is everywhere if we just stop, think and look!

Other news!

Bluepie has a  NEW BAG DESIGN!    It's the Frida Kahlo- of course named from another of my favorite artists.  (google her!)  Anyhow- its a really cool shoulder bag and I think, a perfect size.  But this bag is special because it includes a vintage pin that really makes it unique.  I made for my son as a gift to one of his clients. Her favorite color is yellow, so I picked a pale shade of yellow and sent it off to North Carolina. Turn out she LOVED IT- Yippeee...So, of course, another one was made and it will be  for sale on my Etsy site very soon. It will have it's own unique vintage broch too.. Very Cool!
(let me know what you think!)


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