One Woman Show

Its not easy being a one woman show and that is what Bluepie Designs is.  Literally.  I do everything myself from sewing, shopping, making labels, writing descriptions and taking photos for my Etsy shop, marketing, advertising, planning dreaming, computer work, and the list goes on.  But, I am not complaining because I am doing exactly what I want to do. In fact, it's what I should have done 30 years ago. I know this, of course, not only because I am older and wiser but because its just so obvious when you finally do what you love. It feels right and so you know it is. It's not brain surgery.  It's too bad we don't trust our instincts when we are young. Well, I guess some people do but they are the lucky ones.
So, now I am busy, very busy, getting ready for an art show in the fall.  It will be in New Hope, NJ at the Paxson Hill Farm.  I did this same show last year and it was lots of work but also a lot of fun and a success.
So here I go again. Sewing, creating displays, thinking, planning , worrying if I am forgetting anything, and sewing more in between all the rest.  I have about 2-3 more weeks and time is running out!
This year I am even more excited since I will have larger matted travel photographs from all my travels in recent years. Not only did I obviously take the photographs but I recently learned how to cut my own mats using the conservator hinging method. It's a very professional way to put a photo together with a mat.  I am proud to say I did a good job and love the results!  For me, there is no better feeling than creating a work of art, especially when it's a labor of love.  The only thing I do need to work on is writing more in this blog. I love to write but at the end of the day (or even the beginning!) I haven't figured out a way to fit this in. Well, after all I AM only a one woman show. For now, I will cut myself some slack. But only for a few minutes. I have too much to do.


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