to DYE for!

I have really missed painting!  So busy with sewing bags and making Secret Stash Cuffs, I haven't had much time left for my first love....drawing and painting.  So, recently decided to get into color once again. Only this time, its with exciting!  The colors are amazing- they blend together and you really never know what you will get.  It's a process that explodes as you paint- this time I am painting on silk. I am hooked and know that I will never stop. The best part is experimenting. Take a piece of silk and let the colors run wild. Of course, I have some idea of what I want to happen but the colors and the dye rule.  I stand by and watch as my world blends together.  So- the latest Bluepie designs are hand dyed scarves in all the colors of the rainbow.  Here are a few that will be at the next few art show and of course, end up at
Hope you like them!


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