So many passions, so little time!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do too much at once. I can't help it thou. It used to bother me, thinking that I could never be an expert at anything.  But then I read that Leonardo DaVinci had the same problem so I just let that negative thought go.  After all, who cares?  I do what I do because it makes me happy and I wouldn't have it any other way. If I am not making handbags or cuffs or  hand dying and painting scarves,  I am doing a watercolor, taking photographs of buildings or trees or the ocean or whatever moves through my world. I might stop to eat a salad or clean a closet or write a poem. I'm not big on TV  but I love the travel channel because its my way of going on vacation while I sit on my couch or practice a yoga pose.  Then, of course I have those 2 cats, Lenny and Littlecat that pretty much force me to feed them whenever they decide that they must  have a snack.  In between all that I normally rearrange my furniture whenever the spirit moves me, although I've tried to limit these urges as best as I can. It gets me into too much trouble.  Shopping for furniture gets expensive.  I didn't even mention that I could spend the rest of my life just reading books.  Even If I  had no one to talk to or anywhere to go, I could still be happy with a good book.  My almost new MacBook Pro is another passion.  I really couldn't live without it now.  The Internet is a giant library- a must for a nerd  like me.  Take away my car, my cell phone, my TV but not my Mac. Or my camera. I just bought a Nikon 3100D.  It's heaven. After all it's another way I see the world. Now all I need is a little more time. And a couple really good dark chocolate bars.  I need the energy to keep me going, of course.


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