From My Heart to Yours...

Given that Valentines Day is approaching and February is also heart month, it makes perfect sense to realize how important a functioning heart really is. (Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women)  So, it also made perfect sense to start taking better care of mine. Although I do my daily strength training, I am lazy about getting out for a walk or hopping the treadmill.  I needed a kick in the butt and by chance I got one from my friend Sara at
Laziness has turned into motivation and I have decided to train for a 5K.  I was never a runner and I may never be one but I want to train as one and I want my heart  to stay strong.
It will be an eight week program and I start on Monday- (but I was so psyched I actually did a mile this morning!)
So, yeah I'm off and running!  Wish me luck and hey- maybe this is contagious for you as it was for me.
Get off the couch and give yourself and your heart a hug!


emmy's closet said…
Great job, Deb!! Let's keep each other up on our progress and anyone else that wants to join in too. We can all motivate each other! :)
bluepie said…
thanks Sara..

keep on keeping on...windy today but at least warmer!
The Tote Trove said…
That's great! Best of luck :)

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