Creative Juices!

A month ago I was at the beach- Long beach Island NJ actually. It's magical there. But something else happens at nearly any beach you go to. It's a transformation in some ways. Downshift. Chill. Remove yourself from reality. It's a good thing and also necessary to clear your mind and invigorate the creative juices. I go with my BFF and we play, we create (yes, really- we are back in kindergarden coloring and pasting with Elmers glue-) The boundaries fold, we bring on the magic markers, the paints, the fabric and just have fun and explore. Then the magic happens. Ideas ignite, light bulb moments are a dime a dozen. A masterpiece is created! But it wouldn't have if we didn't give the space for it to be. It also helps if you are a little bit of a nerd. So, we come away with sand between our toes, photographs to prove it, new creations and memories until the next time. Life is good at the beach.


What a lovely way to spark your creativity for both of you. Sand in toes is always good!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am thrilled you found me and like what you see! Yes, I did design it myself. :D

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
BluepieDesigns said…
Thanks Julie...Gosh so lucky that you live in beautiful Colorado! Solar house- extra plus! It's so inspiring to see photography from beautiful places...I've traveled alot and have tons of photos too..As a photographer, its dream to experience the visual...
BTW- do you remember what template you used to design your blog? I want to experiment with mine..and I love your layout...
see you on FB and blogs!

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