Got TV?

As far back as I can remember, I watched TV. From little kid to big kid. After school, I was the first one to rush home and push the ON button (no remotes back in the dark ages) I watched all the cartoons on saturday morning. I lived in the perfect world of Father Knows Best, Donna Reed, My Three sons. (which by the way totally screwed up my life- false expectations are a very bad thing)
I unfortunately was also hooked on the soaps while my toddler at the time watched me watch the soaps. General Hospital, One Life to Live and, of course, we can't forget All My Children. More nonsense and insanity filling my brain. But at that point, my brain cells were probably fried anyway. Know, I know this sounds harsh but looking back- what was I thinking? Oh Yea, I wasn't. Addicts don't usually catch on right away. TV was as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth or eating Mac and Cheese from a box. So, I grew up, did other things but still watched daily TV. It was on even if I wasn't watching it. You know..background noise so you don't feel alone. So now after a hundred years or so, something miraculous has happened. I don't watch TV at all anymore! No one came to my house with a gun to threaten me. No one offered me money to quit. No one suggested I was an addict and should stop viewing to save my cells. Aliens did not drop down from above to re-program my brain It just happened gradually. I didn't plan it. I still loved the Travel shows, The Today Show, the cooking channels, HOUSE, MEDIUM, Oprah (now cancelled!) Desperate Housewives - the list goes on. After a few weeks though, I realized that I never turned on the TV. It was a miracle. But then, of course, I had to figure out why. (Evidently, I did have a few working cells left) It was actually quite simple. I was on overload. A power outage to the brain. Stimuli was coming at me from all angles, not just the television. Massive music on Itunes, You Tube videos, neighbors dogs barking, noisy outdoor air conditioners, electric weed wackers, and leaf blowers. However, the most annoying noise of all was my other half- now retired screaming on the phone for 3-5 hours a day in a a very loud voice. Okay, you get the picture- my head was ready to explode! I needed a break. I started to meditate every morning. I went for walks in the park. Road my bike. I read books. I wrote. I photographed. I painted watercolors. I worked even harder on Bluepiedesigns learning about Google Analytics, RSS feeds, Facebook Pages and, of course, sewing and designing. I accomplished things! I had a life. My brain did not explode. I don't miss TV at all. In fact, I don't think I am missing anything at all. I listen to the birds now and look at blue skies and billowing white clouds. I am happier. My life is quiet. When I need noise, I still dance with my IPOD and and scream with PINK or BLACK EYED PEAS. I may still want to be a rock star some day. But one who doesn't watch TV.


gail said…
you go girl ... whatever keeps you at peace .. I myself enjoy no TV
People think that my husband and I are weird because we don't have any regular programming. We just have Netflix and DVDs. Who needs the time suck?

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