Monday, August 29, 2011

It's all about feeling better....

My youngest son, Greg- who happens to be my biggest Bluepie supporter- is also probably the most stressed out person I know. Of course, we all have stress coming at us all day in every direction. Some handle it better than others. He sometimes has a hard time. Most times, it's not a pretty picture. I wish there was something I could do to help him. Of course, I give the pep talks, encouragement, the roll-with-the punches speeches but unfortunately that only works for the short term. So, I was very surprised when I spoke to him a few weeks ago on the phone and I could hardly believe it was him. He sounded different, calmer, more centered. Wasn't really sure if he had put someone else on the line to impersonate him. I asked him what happened and he told me he'd found a new way to "chill". I'm happy to report it wasn't a little blue pill. In fact, it was a cuff and not a Bluepie "Secret Stash" Cuff! It was given to him by a friend and within 2 days of wearing it, his life changed. He was able to relax, yet at the same time have energy to get through the day. He was much calmer, felt better and told me he was experiencing the most deep restful sleep he's ever had. Of course I wanted the details and he's promised to get me one of these cuffs too. I am not getting left out of a dreamy nights sleep! In fact, he is so amazed,  impressed and convinced of the technology of this cuff that he has decided to take it to the next level and get involved with the company that makes them.

(C•PRIME bands are fashion-forward performance wear that can change your life at the speed of light. Every bio-chemical event in the human body is preceded by an exchange of electrons at the microscopic level. This product incorporates a patent-pending technology that acts as a bio-antenna to the human body, altering the way your body interacts with its electromagnetic environment.)

I am just happy that Greg is happy and feeling much better these days. So, if you want to check out all the good stuff and maybe try it out for yourself, take a look. In my book, anything that makes you feel better in this crazy world we live in is a good thing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yup, It's Official.....


Bluepie is finally getting a newsletter out to reach everyone in cyberworld! It took months of prep and deciding what platform to use. But I finally decided on Mail Chimp. It's free- big plus- and pretty easy to use once you get the lingo down. They even have online live classes that you can participate in. I even won a free T- shirt for answering a question right at the end of the seminar!

So, there are lots of decisions to make when starting a newsletter from what to write and how to get subscribers. The writing part was easy. I love to write and never run out of ideas- in fact, I probably have to many. I'm a list maker- big time- I know I will never get all of my light bulb moments accomplished - but I keep trying.

To get subscribers, I searched until I found the answers. (Google is a huge friend of mine!)

Here's a few things I found helpful:

1. Go thru your email addy book and send out a one time email to your friends and family asking them to sign up. But tell them WHY it's a good idea. Let them know that you will offer discounts only to subscribers. Remind them that you have great products that they can actually USE. Let your personality shine through. Don't be boring. Ask them to forward the email to all of their friends and family...
Not everyone will sign up and that's OK...but the ones who do, really like you and your products. They may be future customers.

2. If you use Mailchimp, you can create a link on your Facebook Fan Page - (you should have one) so they can easily sign up from there. I'm sure other services have this too. Again- remind them of discounts or whatever you feel is appropriate for you. While on FB, post occasionally that you have a newsletter if anyone would like to sign up- include a link if you don't have one built in.

3. On EVERY email, Etsy convo, etc. have a link to your newsletter! People like to click, so you never know.

4. Of course- you probably should have a blog and there again should be a gadget with an email sign up sheet...(you can see one on mine here) - They are easy to do.

5. I haven't had the time to check this out yet, but you can also submit your newsletter to for a review. That's next on my ever growing to-do- list.

6. Word of mouth still works! Put links to everything on your biz card. Tell everyone you know that they are really missing out if they don't sign up for all your fun stuff! Hey- bottom line, you gotta sell yourself to be known in cyberspace and in the real world. If you don't do it, no one else will. Be proud of yourself, your products and all your hard work. Other people WILL notice.

7. Check out YOU TUBE if you need help with anything! It is much easier to see someone demonstrate than it is to read boring manuals...I found tons of info there that helped me learn and refine my ideas.

8. Of course, life is short so have fun along the way! Otherwise what is the point...

ps...If you'd like to be part of the excitement- just fill in the info on the left and join! ...My first edition of of cool news and bargains will be out next week!...