Collage Art-- continued....

Week two of my collage art class: The theme for this week was music. I chose to "Play the Blues" with my favorite instrument- The Sax.

I now call Collage "Poetry in Pictures".  One of the things I enjoy most is how the process evolves. I begin with an idea and cut up papers  etc arranging them in a way that conveys a feeling, emotion or idea.  However, as you play with your materials, your brain takes off and shows you something new, so it is really always a surprise to me what my finished piece of art will look like. So far, the surprise has been satisfying, not to mention fun!

In fact,  as I was working on this piece, I was suddenly driven to compose a poem that conveyed my feelings while I worked.  So here it is: (click on the image for a closer look)
So, I painted my moon blue.
It wasn’t the color of the stars that night, 
or the taste of a juicy orange in my mouth that made me do it.
It wasn’t the music of John Lee Hooker or the bird 
that flew past my nose while my brush was in hand.
It wasn’t the voice in my head that noticed something was not quite right,
or even the  stroke of the cat who jumped on my lap.
It wasn’t that fact that I didn’t remember algebra from 7th grade.
Nor the memory of the scream of my firstborn as he decided to enter the world.
It certainly wasn’t my red lips as I sucked a cherry popsicle.
It could have been my breath as I inhaled the  sweet scent of lilac.
But I don’t think it was.
Maybe an invader from Mars had something to do with it.
But I doubt it.
I know the moon had its own ideas that night, 
 but I didn’t steal from her.
I just wanted a blue moon.
And now I have one.


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