Week Four....

My love of collage art and my new artist friends have given new meaning to my definition of joy.  I look forward to my weekly class on thursday afternoons. I also know that my brain will most likely explode. But that's fine with me.  Better to explode than recede into a vegetative state.
This week we finished our project on creating a collage from some type of text.  I chose to refer to a story that I wrote years ago about my son when he was obsessed with Jim Morrison.  Yes, we are talking "The Sixties". So that was my theme. I created a collage of the history of those years.  Hope you find it "groovy" to walk down memory lane or just enjoy the experience of the Hippie years. The imprint has never left those who have been there and continues to influence our future- yes..those were the days!
(click to see a larger view)  Please leave a comment with your thoughts!
to be continued......


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