Week Three.....

Okay....the collage obsession continues......This week in class the project was to create a travel poster. I looked through some of my favorite travel photos that I have taken throughout the years.  Of course, Italy spoke to me and a photo of the canals of Venice was my inspiration.  I printed a larger photo to get a better look at it but my printer was almost out of color ink so the print was only half there.  Ahhh...there are no accidents!  It became an interesting composition to work with, so I used it as a base for my collage and worked around it, pasting on old torn pieces of discarded watercolor papers and other bits of cloth etc. I worked in some black marker to outline, some italian text long the edges and soon I had a very colorful, beautiful Venice. Loving the discovery of a new way to look at materials. So, here it is: (loving the laundry!)


That is really cool! I love what you did. You should definitely do more.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
BluepieDesigns said…
Thanks Julie! So nice of you to comment! I am LOVING collage work! more to come!

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