Confessions of a Bag Lady!

As I continue my art class on collage, another new collage has been added to my collection.  This time the piece had to be in 3D and the theme was a storefront. Well, of course,  since BluepieDesigns already has a for real  ETSY storefront at  and is all about bags (well other things too), the decision was easy.  I decided to use one of those well constructed designer shopping bags.  I happened to have a COACH shopping bag, so what could be more perfect?

 After cutting out the front window I filled it with handbags hanging from a clothesline using tiny wooden clothespins.  The inside background were magazine ads of  some women sitting in chairs with their handbags. A few other details inside and out completed my store. I'm liking it!

 I added the Bluepie name, of course, on the top and the name "Deborah" that I pasted on the front was actually taken from a photo of a clothing storefront I snapped in Milan Italy a few years ago.  So how cool is that?

Here's a view of the front, inside and back.


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