Read all about it!

         Every once in a while, I get sidetracked and start a new project. Well, of course, this is nothing new!
A few months ago, the brain cells kicked in with an idea for using old newspapers. I used to work at the New York Times and love newspapers! So, I came up with making placemats from them with old or new articles. I started calling them "Convo" PlaceMats or "Read all about it".  But I am still not sold on what to call them. However, they are very cool in my opinion anyway. And, everyone I've showed them to or given as gifts loves them.  I have used all different themes and each one has a front and a back. Some continue the article on the other side.  So, while you are eating your meal, you also have something to read!
They are stuffed a bit to make them sturdy, sewn  along the edge with a zigzag stitch and covered with a special plastic coating to make it waterproof.
Of course, I will be expanding on this idea too and making these from other pieces like children's art work, vintage maps, poetry, artwork, homework papers with an A+, old taverns, travel, history etc. whatever- the list is endless.

And they are really fun to make too. If you want me to make one for you, just let me know and I'll see what I can come up with. I will be collecting more papers and more ideas in the months to come. I welcome any ideas from you too..
Here are a few I've made already: (click on pic to enlarge)


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