Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Defining Success....

I am happy to report that my very first Etsy show was a success! Of course, you must consider your defination of success. For the most part we tend to link it to money and/or climbing the corporate ladder. While we are climbing high or piling up the cash reserves we label our journey succesful. For myself, I feel into that trap to some extent as many of us may have. But there comes a time - (and wisdom has something to do with it) that you may choose to redefine what success personally means to you. Your life can be filled with bank statements and big egos or it can be satisfied with inner peace, passion and gratitude. At the risk of sounding like a sixties hippie, I am much happier with the latter. But, hey that's just me. And that's just me because I have lived a life and grew, hopefully learned a few lessons, and figured out what my heart needs and wants to keep going. My heart needs to create and my joy is a by-product of those creations. If it gives me a few more digits on my bank statement thats great, but if it doesn't, it will not define me or my life anymore.
So, back to the show- my success came from pushing past my comfort zone and going for it! Yes, I did it... It came from enjoying the look on people's faces as they commented on my cool bracelets. It came from meeting so many creative, alive, smiling Etsy sellers. And it came from knowing I am on the right path for this second half on my life. The one that leads to nowhere and everywhere with just my heart beating and a smile on my face. And, yes, I did make a few bucks too. In fact, more than I expected. But that was just the icing on the cake. Turns out, the icing doesn't really matter anymore.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The date is set!

Hello All---

Mark your calenders for Saturday November 8th 2008 12-5 pm....I will be at the OM Yoga Studio 726A Arnold Ave in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ for the NJ Etsy Craft Fair! I hope some friends and family will stop by to check it out. There will be lots of other talented NJ Etsy folks there too displaying their handcrafted goods made with love, sweat and tears. You will be able to join in on the fun and shop for some goodies and gifts at the same time...I haven't been there yet so I am really looking forward to it. Gotta get back to the Bluepie sweat shop now...sew many bags, sew little time!
Hope to see you all soon!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Taking the plunge!

Yipeee.....I am finally going to do a show!...I joined the Etsy NJ group ( which is great!) and found out about a couple shows in the Jersey area, one of which is in Point Pleasant on Arnold Ave at the OM Baby yoga studio. So...I'm going for it! I've haven't been there yet since it's about an hours drive for me but I love the shore and esp PP. I am truly feeling like a crazy person now...I have a month to go and a zillion bags to make! The plan is to have a bit of everything and I have to figure out how to make it all look good too..presentation is everything...But the best part is I will get to meet a bunch of other Etsy folks and I think it will be a great time to get together, share stories and learn some new tricks about art and marketing.. I can't wait to see everyone and go the the Jersey shore...But it the meantime, I will be doing nothing but sewing like a madwoman!...I have a bunch of other things I'd like to bring to sell too but ahhhh...so much to do, so little time..gotta focus...I hope my friends and family in the area will come visit too..So- I'll keep you posted on my progress shortly...thats if my fingers still work so that I can type my blog....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Creating Vision...

Lately, I've been involved in the process of promotion for my Etsy shop, thinking of ways to branch out and create more exposure & not to mention, I'd like to have fun while I do this -(which I am!) But, I've realized that this only works once you have created a vision for yourself. And I don't just mean a plan. I mean visualizing yourself doing what you want to do and creating that reality, on your own terms. I recently took a weeks vacation and instead of going away, I stayed on the homefront to help out a family member with some issues she was having. (Hey, my sister needed me and I am pretty good at playing shrink too). However, I had a bit of free time to play in the Bluepie Studio and I realized that's where I belong! That's where I am happy. That's where I thrive. It's my passion. It's also me, creating my own reality, creating my vision. So, since then I've been super busy spending all waking hours planning, thinking, sewing and dreaming. But I am also taking action. I joined the NJ Etsy street team today (yeah!) and decided to ship international too. Tomorrow I will think up some other new ideas to move things along. (I think in my sleep too. I know that's not good since I need those brain cells to recharge at night, so I am working on that too.) So- the last few weeks were pretty good to Bluepie too..I had some sales and great feedback from buyers who are happy with my products and customer service. Yup- it all starts with a vision!
to be continued.....

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why buy and sell at Etsy?

In case you are wondering " Why Etsy.com?", I can think of a few good reasons. Actually more than a few! To begin Etsy is awesome, unique, intelligent and there are many, many hardworking people behind the scenes to make the vision of buying handmade a reality at Etsy.

I joined Etsy in October 2006 and it has been one of the best things I've ever done. It's perfect for someone who is just starting out to sell handmade goods, especially if, like alot of folks here, it's unfortunately not the only thing we do. You know what I'm talking about. That scary line - "I have a full time job too". Etsy allows you to slowly re-invent yourself, expand your horizons, get creative and hopefully make a few bucks along the way. You don't have to have an enormous inventory, unless you want too. You don't need to rent space for tables at a craft fair. Etsy is the craft fair! And the listing and percentage take rates are reasonable enough to make it worthwhile. As a buyer, the advantage is enormous, at least in my opinion. There is quite nothing like purchasing an item that another human being put their heart, soul, love and sweat into. Anyone can go to Macy's or Walmart, but where's the love in that? There isn't. Zip.
Buying at Etsy allows Etsians- (thats what we call ourselves!)- to follow our passions, fulfill our dreams, and pay the gas bill! Don't get much better than that!
When I give someone a gift from the heart, they really appreciate the time and effort it took for me to make that happen. It's way better than a gift card that will be lost in a drawer somewhere.
For me, one of my favorite things to do is design handbags. Creating a bag from scratch is hard work. There is designing, thinking, planning cutting, sewing, measuring, ironing, and getting stuck with pins! Hours of work go into my labor of love but its also crazy fun for me too. Otherwise I wouldn't do it. And I wouldn't have it any other way. So next time you need a gift for a friend or yourself, don't go to Walmart. Support an artist instead. Buy at Etsy. And remember Bluepie loves you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seventh grade wasn't so bad....

Obsessions are strange things. Me, for instance- I'm obsessed with making stuff. Always have been, always will be. It started probably when I was about 3 years old and for sure at 5 when I met my best friend Donna and we made potholders together and sold them to anyone who would give us a quarter. We tried to squeeze even more cash out of them if we could- almost begging our neighbors- um customers- to please try our so yummy lemonade while they admired that colorful potholder in their hands. We usually got our way too. We were pretty cute back. And they felt really sorry for us too as we tried to make a decent living at the tender age of 7. Well, we needed the money after all- we had more assorted loops to buy in every color of the rainbow and of course, sugar to buy to stock up our inventory. So, yes I was obsessed back then and a born entrepreneur for sure. It didn't stop with potholders and lemonade either. Donna and I eventually grew up and continued "making stuff" till our fingers hurt and almost blead. We hammered leather goods to make key chains- sold them. Sewed up and stamped muslin gift bags for bottles of wine- sold them too, to the liquor store down the street. (I think the neighbors were sick of us by then.) We made art and stuff out of anything we could find.
We really got good though (and much more professional) when seventh grade junior high came along. It was time for Home Economics! Yipeee! Sewing and cooking classes! I wasn't that crazy about the cooking classes though, after all I hardly had time to eat with all the creating and selling I was up too. So, I learned how to cut a pattern, sew a straight seam, make a buttonhole, thread a sewing machine and install a bobbin without jamming the thread. For me, it was fun. I was making stuff! Yes, looking back, seventh grade wasn't so bad. My friend Donna and my Home EC teacher, Mrs Condor made my world come alive. After all, boys still had cooties and I had a business to run and inventory control to deal with. I didn't have time for boys with cooties. Iwas obsessed. I had stuff to make.
Did I mention I like to write? Yea, obsessed with that too.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Learning to focus!

Hello All:

I finally figured it out! Since I have the Gemini curse, (that being doing too many things at once, causing constant confusion etc) I have come to realize that if I think long and hard, I can learn to focus on one thing at a time. It's not easy, but it's working. My interests are so varied and I have been unable to give up anything and focus on one task at a time. But, I realize now that I have to. Well, especially when it comes to Bluepie. I will be altering my Etsy website to be more uniformed. I have too many things on there now. So, I will be changing all that soon- may even end up with two Esty sites in the future. But what I am really excited about is that I have finally found my style!
I know what I like. Natural things, useful things. I have created the coolest money bracelets that I am producing at record pace. I have tons of fabric and so I will make tons of bracelets. I love color so that is where color will be seen. For fun.
I also love a classic, natural look and really good fabrics , like denim, canvas, wool and suede. They are great for bags since they hold up well and last!
I have been stocking up on all these great fabrics and will be making a complete new line of bags that combine all these components. I have new designs, and of course, more swimming about in my brain at all hours of the day and nite (it is hard to sleep sometimes). So, as far as the bags go, they are going to be mostly all solid fabrics with unusual (and awesome) quality linings. I recently made a new bag for myself, (finally) and it makes me happy everytime I look at it!
So, that's the plan..focus ,focus, focus...and keep sewing and dreaming, of course!
ps.And I want to blog more often too-- that helps me stay on track too...
bluepie Deb

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Back to Blog!

I haven't used this blog in years since I began my Etsy website but figured this was a good addition to just jot down thoughts and info etc...Infact, today I will attempt to attach an Etsy Mini and see how it goes...Loving Etsy so much and even joined a group recently...Of course it's called the Blue Group started by a fellow Etsy lover Elizabeth...
OK- thats it for now..I'll be back with more news and new items very soon!
Bluepie Deb